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2/14/13: Engage! A review of Brian Solis’ book – Ervin & Smith

12/11/12: How to Engage & Make Your Point – Marketing What’s New

8/12/12: Why Crisis Managers Need to Understand Social Media Engagement Strategies –

7/27/12: Why Crisis Managers Need to Understand Social Media Engagement Strategies – Chris Syme

5/25/12: Engage! by Brian Solis: Applying the Book to Street Sense – Sam Linkins

4/22/12: Engage, a Review – Kaitlyn in Bookland

4/12/12: 10 Leading Books on Social Business – Dion Hinchcliffe

1/24/12: Rules of Engagement – Vivid Image

1/18/12: 12 Most Helpful Books on Social Media – Ekaterina Walter

12/30/2011: Best Books I Read This Year – Donation Pay

12/8/11: 52 Business Books To Read In 2012 – Matthew Kimberley

12/4/11: Must Reads – The 3rd i Magazine

11/14/2011: 5 Star Award: Books for Small Businesses – PRWeb

7/20/11: Top 15 Internet Marketing Books According to 50 Influential Bloggers

7/6/11: Book Review: Engage or Die – Irish Internet Association

6/28/2011: 7 books on Social Media, Tech, Society related to read – Dinis Guarda

6/24/11: Engage: A Live Interview with Brian Solis – For Immediate Release, Shel Holtz

6/17/11: Bestsellers: Top Business Books – Inc.

6/9/2011: Video Book Review of Engage – Bangalore Social Media, Mattias Gronborg

6/5/11: Is Social Media Helping Fight Your Inner Shyness? – Provoque, Striving to succeed

6/5/11: 33 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Books: The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Marketers – Business2Community

6/7/2011: Engage by Brian Solis – Marketing Pulse, Sri Lanka

6/3/11: Fun vs. Frivolity: Why Strategy Matters Most in Successful Communications – PurePR

5/30/11: Review of Engage, by Brian Solis — Edit911, Marc Baldwin, PhD

5/23/11: Book Review: Engage! by Brian Solis – Networking Insight

5/12/11: Top 25: What corporate America is reading – The Republic

5/12/11: Engage: Interview with Brian Solis, Part 2 – GetSatisfaction

5/11/11: Empowerment and Immersive Analysis: A Review of Brian Solis’s Engage – The Social CMO Blog

5/10/11: Engage: Interview with Brian Solis, Part 1 – GetSatisfaction

5/2/11: Book Review: Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web by Brian Solis – SeattlePI

4/23/11: Great Deal on Communications Guides – IABC Cincinnati

4/22/11: An Engaging Interview with Brian Solis –

4/20/11: Perspectives: Businesses must learn to cope with bottom-up change – Financial Times

4/18/11: How to write a business book in the social media age – Ragan PR Daily

4/14/11: Engage or Die! Brian Solis Releases New Edition of Acclaimed Book on Social Media and Business – Bulldog Reporter

4/13/11: Interview: Brian Solis on publishing the new Engage in the era of realtime – The Next Web

4/6/11: Book Review, Engage! – Rave, AV Dealer’s Social Media Blueprint

3/22/11: Brian Solis takes us to school with Engage! – InFiore

1/13/11: Engage is lifting social media to an academic level – Stefan Engeseth, author

1/13/11: Teaching Social Media Marketing to Digital Natives – Inkling Media

1/6/10: Book review: Engage! – San Francisco Book Club, Megan Just

1/5/11: Must read business books of 2010 – Quora (Reposted on Cloud Computing)

12/27/10: Top 10 Small Business Books 2010 – Your Business Unstuck

12/22/10: Digitale Marketing: 10 must-read boeken – The Janeway

12/21/10: The Winners: Reader’s Choice 2010 Small Business Book Awards – Small Business Trends

12/19/10: Book Review of Engage – BizzBeginnings, Sean Sweeney

12/17/10: Why Engage! was required reading for my graduate seminar at Queens University – JA McArthur

12/16/10: Engage, A visually rich summary – Polar Unlimited

12/15/10: Is social media worth the investment? Engage – Financial Post, Canada

12/15/10: Engage, A Recommended Book – Club of Amsterdam Journal

12/6/10: Top 15 Recommended Social Media Books of 2010 – B2C Marketing Insider

12/3/10: Social Media best-of list – State of Delaware, Division of Libraries

12/2/10: Top 15 Recommended Social Media Books of 2010 – Windmill Networking

11/15/10: 10 Business Books In 2010 – Cloud Computing

11/9/10: Book Review: Engage! – Amy Dobrzynski

10/20/10: 20 Books You Must Read before taking a Job in Advertising

10/20/10: Reflexiones en torno a Engage – Tourism Revolution

10/20/10: Brian Solis – Digital Analyst, Sociologist and Futurist – Michigan State University New Media

10/12/10: ENGAGE [BOOK TIP] – Social Media Lunch Cologne

9/12/10: 11 Amazing ideas de Brian Solis : ENGAGE (In Spanish) – Pasion pr el Marketing

8/28/10: “Spicing” Up the Brand Personality – Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

8/23/10: Book Review: Engage! by @BrianSolis – Deirdre Breakenridge

8/23/10: Ten ways to Engage! an audience through social media – with thanks to Brian Solis – Northern Lights

8/20/10: Brian Solis’ Engage and how to use it – Forrester Research, Josh Bernoff

8/15/10: Are you engaged or are you still experienced (reviewing Brian Solis Engage), Fred Zimny

8/12/10: Influential Leaders: The Engager, Brian Solis – CRM magazine

8/4/10: A Story of Engagement – Brampton Guardian, Sean Raposo

8/2/10: Required Reading: The Joys of Never-Ending Engagement – destinationCRM

7/29/10: An Evening With Brian Solis in Minneapolis – The Image Lab

7/28/10: Interview with Brian Solis, Author of Engage! – Bars & Tone, SF AMA

7/28/10: Engage: Social Media Expert Brian Solis – Webmaster Radio, The Joel Comm Show

7/28/10: #EngageOrDie – HMA Book Club

7/27/10: Top 10 Social Media Marketing questions answered in Engage! – Lee Odden, Top Rank Blog

7/26/10: How to Succeed With Social Media: A Brian Solis Interview – Social Media Examiner

7/24/10: New Media Marketing, Engage Book Review – Business World

7/21/10: Engaging Brian Solis – Edelman Digital, David Armano

7/16/10: Brian Solis: Author of Engage: The Social Media Style Guide – Marketing Voices, Jennifer Jones

7/14/10: The Only Way to Guarantee Social Media Success – Engage! – Marketing Edge

7/13/10: Your Brian Solis + Engage Cliff Notes – Jennifer Kane

7/8/10: Social Media Marketing or Digital Darwinism – Brenda Shull, Ph.D., TechExtender

7/8/10: It’s a manifesto. It’s an encyclopedia. No – it’s Brian Solis – Paul Baker, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

7/7/10: Brian Solis on MediaBistro’s Morning Media Menu – Also on Galley Cat (Audio Interview)

7/1/10: 10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics (Social Compass and The Conversation Prism from Engage!) – Mashable

7/1/10: 4 Resources to Build Your Blogging Business…#4 Engage! – Problogger

6/30/10: 6 Challenges to Managing a Brand on the Social Web (Brian Solis Viewpoint) – Jolie O’Dell, Mashable

6/30/10: My Social Media Summer Reading List – Social Media Today, Robin Carey

6/28/10: Book Review: Engage! – Dave Fleet

6/27/10: Engage! by Brian Solis: A must-have book! – Karen Freberg

6/25/10: Live Podcast: Featured Guest Brian Solis, Author of Engage! – Jennifer Lindsay

6/25/10: Summer Reading List to Get More Digital – The Wall, Revolution

6/23/10: Brian Solis on “Engage” — a live Word of Mouth Supergenius preview

6/23/10: Book Review: Engage by Brian Solis – Inkling Media

6/7/10: Engage! Business Rules and Social Media – Marketing Tech

6/2/10: Engage or Die: The Impact of Social Media in Business – Technorati

6/2/10: An Essential Reading List for Social Media – FlowTown

5/28/10: Social Media Books for Your Summer Reading List – B2C Marketing Insider

5/26/10: Marketing Books For Your Summer Reading List – Jason Falls

5/25/10: Engage, Two Thumbs Up! – Zeeatl

5/23/10: Engage is amongst a select few books – Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

5/19/10: Now You’re in Business – American Way, The American Airlines Magazine

5/2/10: Defining the Social Marketing Compass – How Will It Guide Your Marketing? – NetworkSolutions

4/25/10: “Engage” Brings A Whole New Strategic Look On Social Media & Communication – The Digital Letter

4/23/10: 21 Twitter Tips From Socially Savvy Companies (Excerpt from Engage) – Fast Company

4/17/10: Candid Interview with Brian Solis, Author of Engage – Jacob Morgan

4/15/10: Engage: Is SMO (Social Media Optimization) The New SEO? – Rich Brooks, Fast Company

4/12/10: Engage by Brian Solis – Blogs on Books

4/11/10: With Social Media Comes Great Responsibility – Paul Segreto, Franchise Essentials

4/6/10: Measurable Marketing & Digital Strategy – Featured Interview with Brian Solis, Author of Engage – The Rise to the Top, David Garland

4/5/10: Let’s get engaged – Eric Berto for PRBC

4/4/10: “Engage!” – and why trolls and flamers matter – Barney Lerten

4/3/10: Interview with Brian Solis, Author of Engage – Marc Cohen & Marsha Collier, KTRB 860 AM San Francisco

4/2/10: Webinar Recap: Engage With Brian Solis – Teresa Basich, Radian6

4/2/10: Live Interview with Brian Solis, Author of “Engage” – New Media Radio

4/1/10: Get Engaged w/ Brian Solis and @CoachDeb – TechZulu

4/1/10: Podcast: Brian Solis Tells Us to Engage or Die! – Barry J. Moltz

3/31/10: Author Brian Solis says “Engage or Die” – Addicted to Social Media

3/29/10: Brian Solis Book Signing at Twestival SF – SF Weekly

3/26/10: Tasting Some Bubbles with Gary Vaynerchuk and Brian Solis

3/25/10: Brian Solis on Engage and Personal Branding – Dan Schawbel

3/23/10: Creating a Social Media Plan: “Engage!” by Brian Solis – Grade A Entrepreneurs

3/23/10: 5 questions for the author of ‘Engage’ – JD Lasica

3/18/10: Engage! is an excellent read – Marketing on the Smart Web, Joe Buhler

3/18/10: Engage: A Deep Dive Into The Social Media World Of Today –, An Advertising and Marketing Blog

3/18/10: Brian Solis’s ‘Engage! The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web – Conversational Marketing in the Age of Social Media

3/18/10: Engage! The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web – Review by Debbie Hemley

3/11/10: Getting Buy-In and Resources for Social Media, Lessons from Engage – On the Record with Eric Schwartzman

3/5/10: Book Review: Engage by Brian Solis – LifeDestiny by Tanner Maluchnik

3/5/10: Engage or Die! Participating and Engaging in the “Era of Digital Darwinism” – Network Solutions, Steve Fisher

3/3/10: Interview with Brian Solis, author of “Engage” Part Three – Today in Social Media #97 – Clayton Morris of Fox News

3/2/10: Interview with Brian Solis, author of “Engage” Part Two – Today in Social Media #96 – Clayton Morris of Fox News

3/1/10: Interview with Brian Solis, author of “Engage” Part One – Today in Social Media #95 – Clayton Morris of Fox News

2/28/10: New book teaches social business users how to “Engage” – Jennifer Leggio, ZDNet

2/26/10: 6 Reasons Why You Should Read Engage by Brian Solis – Mona Nomura (MySpace)

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