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The Scenes that Didn’t Make Theaters

Part II: Forever Students of New Media

Chapter 6 – The New Media University: Social Media 203

Chapter 11 – The New Media University: Social Media 402

Chapter 12 – The New Media University: Social Media 403

Chapter 13 – The New Media University: MBA program First Year

Part III: Brand Representative Versus the Brand You

Chapter 15 – Fusing the “Me” in Social Media and the “We” in the Social Web

Chapter 16 – Learning and Experimentation Lead to Experience

Part IV: We are the Champions

Chapter 18 – The Conversation Prism: How to Listen

Chapter 19 – Unveiling the New Influencers

Part V: The Social Architect: Developing a Blueprint for New Marketing

Chapter 20 – The Human Network

Chapter 21 – The Social Marketing Compass: Creating a Social Media Plan

Part VI: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action: Rising Above the Noise

Chapter 23 – A Tale of Two Cities: Social CRM and Relationship Management

Chapter 24 – The Contrast Between Earned and Paid: When Paying for Friends Makes Cents

Chapter 25 – The New Media Scorecard: Measuring Investment Returns


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