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Chapter 19

Until the proliferation of interactive media, traditional influence has followed a systematic top-down process of developing and pushing “controlled” messages to audiences, rooted in one-to-many, faceless broadcast campaigns.

Personality wasn’t absent in certain mediums, but it was missing from day-to-day communications.

For the most part, this pattern seemingly served its purposes, fueling the belief that brands were in control of their messages, from delivery to dissemination, among the demographics to which they were targeted.

It scaled and served very well over the years, until it didn’t…

Unbeknownst to many companies, a quiet revolution has been amassing over the last two decades, one that we document clearly in this book. And, slowly but surely, the whispers eventually intensified into roars.

The socialization of the Web and content publishing disrupted the balance and is now forcing a media renaissance that is transforming information distribution, human interaction and everything that orbits this nascent ecosystem.

It is the dawn of a democratized information economy, which is engendering the emergence of champions, facilitators, and visionaries who endeavor to manifest a more media literate society while transforming the way we publish and share relevant content.

The interactive Web heralded the arrival of mainstream consumer influence and a global ecosystem that supports and extends their observations, complaints, opinions, referrals, and recommendations.

It served as a great equalizer, capsizing the existing balance and redistributing influence — and continues to do so.

Not only is it changing how we create, decipher, and share information, it is forever reshaping how brands and content publishers think about their markets and the people who define them.

We are Media

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…If you find yourself reading what you may already know, feel free to skim through this, but keep in mind that none of us know as much as we believe. For everyone else, please take note, this is where we adapt what we learned in the last chapter to everything that justifies what’s next. I think you’ll find this section worthwhile.

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