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Chapter 18

Conversation Workflow

Making connections at the human level with the intent to listen before action is the only true and rewarding source of mutually beneficial engagement.

Socialized media is empowering and encouraging us to not only consume content, but also create it. This is the era of new influencers and we become media and earn authority based on the content we share, where it reaches, how it affects those who come into contact with it, and also how and where we participate. In turn, our social graph creates an orbiting realm of social influence that can be useful to brands that align with our values and lifestyle.

This is about humanizing the story in a way that empathizes with those whom you’re trying to compel.

Charting The Course

As conversations are increasingly distributed, everything begins with listening and observing. Doing so will help you identify exactly where relevant discussions are taking place, as well as their scale and frequency. This dialog can be charted into a targeted social map that’s unique to your brand and as we’ll review in the next section, we can simultaneously establish a conversation index to serve as a benchmark moving forward.

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