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Chapter 13

We’re well beyond making the case for Social Media. By now, we’re discovering the nuances that distinguish the unique opportunities presented by the socialization of interactive and new media and how it applies to our existing marketing and service methodologies and endeavors.  Perhaps without even knowing, we have already ventured over the fringes of social and psychological sciences and have earned awareness into the dynamics of human behavior and the communities they foster.

The Now Web: Now is Indeed Gone

For example, we are no longer required to sit through any medium or message we choose not to digest.

In the televised broadcast world, Tivo and DVRs provide the ability to forward through commercials and programming to personalize the experience at will. And online, it’s prudent to assume that people are also applying the same power when they choose to read or view media. In many cases, the patterns of absorbing information are transformative, migrating from a static act of watching and reading to one of ceaseless real-time scanning and searching.

Social Media is less represented by technology and more defined through digital anthropology. It’s about connecting people to information and those sharing it. The social relationships formed through a search of what’s happening right now and the ensuing interaction define the quintessential value of the now Web, over the very links that are considered the governing currency of the Web.

The Rise of the Statusphere

What are you doing?” or “What’s on your mind?”

Those ingrained questions are merely intended to serve as icebreakers to help foster creativity or fuel responses. The possibilities and potential lie beyond answering fixed queries, however. It is the art of creating content in finite lengths and the sparse attention spans that appreciate the focus that will intensify and encourage adoption and proliferation of the Statusphere.

Jay Rosen calls this mindcasting.

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