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Chapter 12

Establishing an Online Presence and Defining the Brand Persona

Online impressions, reputation and brand management start with defining an identity and calculated personality, fortified by our activity through words and media and complemented by the social profiles we design and construct.

In the era of the Social Web, we are all brand advocates and managers — whether we know it or not.

While I spend a significant portion of my time sharing the importance of listening and observing to noteworthy conversations and the enveloping cultures that define relevant online communities, when it comes to participation and engagement, however, identity and branded personalities are often an afterthought, if at all, by most companies.

Multiple Personality Disorder

This is further complicated by the engagement tactics deployed across social networks and the blogosphere. When representatives respond on behalf of a brand in a specific situation, it is their individual personality that prevails within these interactions. However, the discussion of tone, intention, character, disposition, were most likely not discussed and therefore the nature of the collaboration may take away from the potential for strengthening and promoting brand resonance.

Multiple Personality In Order

Participants are naturally introduced to the core values of the organization by humanizing and assimilating attributes and principles, tied together by a sense purpose, empowering employees to embody and strengthen the brand traits in every dialogue — as governed by the rules of engagement. It’s this moment when the potential for creating advocacy is defined and realized. It is also at this moment when personality traits materialize that define and delineate corporate, product and individual public facades driven by a common sense of purpose.

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